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May 15th, 2010

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12:39 am - Filigree
Very tired. Thankfully, a surfeit of medication seems to have had an effect and so far my mosquito bites are fading quickly. I continue a pharmacological assault because damnit medical science must be a worthy opponent of mosquitoes or what are we all doing?

Today was bustling but not connected enough to make a worthwhile story - in and out of various stores buying birdseed and coffee and curtain rods. I helped Val find the office of her new doctor, and we dropped off (and picked up) library books from a building with stunning views of cliffs and mountains. I would have trouble reading there unless I found a corner without windows. There was a gallery full of amateur art - all the kind you can hang on walls - and it bore out my general suspicion that if it's acrylic on pre-treated canvas it's probably bad. (An exception is the work of my neighbor Andrea, which is part of why I'm impressed by it.) I don't know why - whether it's the preferred medium of people with limited skills and means, or whether it's to do with the way flat acrylic takes on the nubbly texture of the canvas so that it looks like a giclee print. There were some more interesting works, but they were all in other media.

Ciro has not been chosen for the DMA curatorial internship, which was expected but hoped against. (I am told that because of the shortage of stipended internships, even the undergrad slots tend to go to grad students, which I think if true is a little unethical of the museum, however well meaning. If you're creating an undergrad internship, keep it undergrad. There are reasons for those.) At least he got the news on a day with something else good in it - he spent the day as an extra on the set of some drama set in the "Italian section of Dallas" (which does not exist). He was the only Italian on set, from what I understand. Set - the Italian side of town - was Deep Ellum, which the more informed of you might recognize as a historically black neighborhood (although long gentrified) which housed any number of jazz and blues clubs and hosted luminaries like Blind Lemon Jefferson. Any more, due to some stupid development choices by the city, it's mainly tattoo parlors. And a pizza place, which equals the Italian side of Dallas. (According to the X-Files movie, of course, we have mountains. It's nice how versatile we are.)

In any case, this means that we're footloose again, pending soon-promised changes at my job and Ciro's graduation at the end of summer. (And the film shoot in August.) It remains to be seen whether one of us will be offered something that pushes us in a direction.
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Date:May 19th, 2010 01:25 am (UTC)
I'm so sorry to hear about the internship - disappointing (and foolish on their part). At least you're no longer tied down, and I can occasionally daydream about your coming out to NM as your new temp home turf.

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